How can I sign up as an organizer?

Go to admin.cooltix.hu, this is where you can sign up and upload your event.
Further help here:

What is the cost of using Cooltix?

As an organizer you can use Cooltix for free. Customers pay an additional 1%+HUF 250 on top of the ticket price, which also includes the fee of accepting a bank card. If an organizer sells their ticket exclusively through Cooltix, we put an additional HUF 50 to the organizer's credit and an additional HUF 50/ticket when an organizer reaches their 1000th sold ticket.
Example: If a ticket costs HUF 3000, the customer pays the HUF 3000 plus HUF 280 as commission and the organizer gets HUF 3050 or HUF 3100.

Is there a way to lower commission for lower priced tickets?

Yes, the organizer can decide to put the additional HUF 50 or HUF 100 toward lowering commission.

How long does it take to sign up?

It can take only a few minutes, with uploading the first event.

When do I receive my earnings?

Earnings will arrive at the organizer's bank account 1 business day after requesting payout. In case the earnings go to a foreign bank account this process takes no longer than 5 business days.

How do customers get an invoice?

The system automatically generates and sends the invoice using the organizer's invoicing program. You need a Bilingo or számlázz.hu account for this, or if you use Cooltix from outside of Hungary you can use other invoicing programs as well.
Attention! There could be extra costs of using an invoicing program. If these fees are not paid, our system can not generate or send the invoices. If this happens, the organizer have to generate and send them out from the admin page. Responsibility in such cases falls on the organizer.

Do I have to use an invoicing program?

Yes. If for some reason you can not use an invoicing program, please contact us, we are happy to help.

What invoicing programs can I use with Cooltix?

You need to have a Bilingo or számlázz.hu account to use Cooltix. If you use Cooltix from outside of Hungary, you can use other invoicing programs as well. More info on the invoicing programs here:

Can I receive my earnings directly?

Yes, for this you need a registered and identified Barion account, and an accepted and open shop within.

Do I need a written contract to sign up as an organizer?

No, you don't need to have a written contact to use our system as an organizer. It is enough to accept our General terms and conditions upon signing up, this constitutes as an electronic contract.

What happens if an event is cancelled?

Let us know if this happens so that we can take care of refunding your customers.
Attention! According to the relevant state laws we are obliged to refund the full paid amount to the customers. If it comes to refunding the customers due to a cancelled event, the organizer must pay our fees themselves. If there is enough credit on an organizer's Cooltix account to cover our fees after refunding all customers, we take our payment from that sum. If there is not enough credit in the organizer's account to pay our fees after refunding the customers, they need to transfer the necessary amount to cover our expenses.

How can I control the tickets at the event?

You can read the QR code on the tickets with our smartphone app. The app is avaliable for both Android and iOS.
More info on this here:

Can I embed ticket sales to my website?

Yes, you can embed the ticket sales platform to any html based website with the help of a javascript widget.
Read more on this here:

Yes, click on the "copy link" option below the cover photo when creating the event in the Cooltix system, then simply paste the link to the ticket link space within the Facebook event.
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