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Set up an organization
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What is an organization?

The organization is a legal entity that is the event organizer or has permission to sell tickets to an event. If you don't have such an entity, then you can still collect registrations with free tickets, but as soon as you would like to sell paid tickets, you will need one.

Adding an organization

Before you can add your event, you have to add your organization first. You must enter a name for it and choose a country where your organization is seated. You can check supported countries here.

To completely set up an organization, you have to go through these steps:


Managing multiple organizations in the same account

You can have and manage multiple organizations within one account. For example, if you organize your events with two or more companies, you can set up both. In this case, you'll need to set up all the necessary business details for both organizations. Within one account, all organizations must be seated in the same country. If you want to add organizations with different headquarters countries, you must create separate accounts for them. If you have more than one organization, you can select which one is the organizer of an event when you add it.

To set up multiple organizations, set up the first one, go to Profile > Manage organizations > Add organization, and add the others there.

Contact details

Please provide contact information where your customers are, and we can contact you for event details.

Public contact: These will be visible to your customers. An email address is required, phone number is optional.

Business contact: This is how we can reach you if needed. Both Email address and phone number are required. This contact information will be hidden from customers.


Business details

We need your business details if you want to sell paid tickets, so if you only have free registrations, you can skip this and all the following steps. Later, if you're going to sell paid tickets, you can set it up any time at Profile > Manage organizations > Business details, or we will ask for your business details when you add your first paid ticket.

Required business details

We issue the invoices and make the payouts based on the business details you entered, so make sure to give the correct information.

Business name: The official registered name of your business

Type of business: The type of your business can be an individual, company, or non-profit

Tax number: The tax identification number of your business

Registration number: The registration number of your business

Business address: The registered headquarters of your business, where your company is seated.



Depending on your country of residence, you may need to set up an invoicing program. For this, you need to choose an invoicing program from the list of options and enter the necessary connection keys. By default, Cooltix invoicing will be selected if available in your country.

Invoicing settings

Don't have to pay VAT on sales: If you are tax-exempt or do not have to pay VAT on your sales for any other reason, select this option. By choosing this, the net amount of the invoice made at the time of purchase will be equal to the gross amount.

Enabled customer types: If required by your business or tax form, you can limit that customers can only request invoices on behalf of individuals or businesses. You can choose who can request an invoice for the purchase.

Supported invoicing software


Bank accounts

The bank account or International Bank Account Number (IBAN) must be connected to your business. This is where we will send your payouts.

This and the following steps are required only for receiving payouts; you can skip this and all the following steps and start selling your tickets. You can provide these details later.

Earnings are stored and paid out in the event's currency. If your bank account's currency differs from your event's currency, your bank will conduct the change, which can entail extra costs. You can set up a different payout bank account for each currency. The bank account must be in the same country as where your business is seated.


Business verification

To initiate the transfer of your income, our payment service provider needs your business to be verified. To verify your business, you must add all business-related persons who own 25% or more of the business and everyone who is an executive or senior manager with significant management responsibility.

You only have to add yourself if you are an individual business.

Required details for each business-related person

You must provide each person's name, date of birth, and address.

Relationship with the organization

Select all that apply to the person.

Representative: This person is authorized as the primary representative of the account. The representative must also be an executive or an owner. You can set only one person as a representative, and you must select someone as a representative.

Executive: This person is an executive or senior manager with significant management responsibility.

Owner: This person owns 25% or more of the company directly or indirectly. You only have to add individual owners who own 25% or more of the company, and you don't have to add individuals with lower ownership shares or businesses who are owners of the company.

Begin verification

When you add all people, click on "All people added" to begin the verification process; this may take some time, from a few minutes until a few hours. When your business is successfully verified, you will see a green check mark next to each person.

In some cases, our payment provider service may require additional documents to complete the verification. If that's the case, a "Provide additional documents" button will appear, where you can see which documents are needed and where you can upload them.

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