Managing ticket types
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What are ticket types?

Ticket types, or products, are what customers can choose to purchase on your event page.
You can edit ticket types in "tickets" at the sidebar.

Adding a ticket type

  1. To add a new ticket type, click on the "create ticket" button

  2. Then set the type of your ticket. Read more on the different ticket types here:

Modifying a ticket type

You can edit the type settings of your ticket anytime, even during ticket sales.
When a ticket is sold, we store its selling price, commission, and VAT rate so that you can change the price of any given ticket type anytime - it won't affect the price of the tickets already sold.

All modifications will affect the tickets already sold - except for the price, commission, and VAT settings - so you don't need to resend the sold tickets.

Modifying the order of the ticket types

To rearrange the tickets, grab them by the two lines on their right and drag them to the desired place. This lets you move the tickets even within subcategories. You can not move the tickets between add-ons.

Deleting a ticket type

To delete a ticket type, click on the three dots in the menu, then choose "delete". You can only do this before a ticket has been sold in the given ticket type. Once a ticket is sold in a ticket type, you can not delete it.

Adding a subcategory

Subcategories help create a visual divide between ticket types, make it easier to categorize tickets and make the customer interface more transparent thanks to them.

The order of the subcategories and tickets is effortless to change. Just click on the three dots by the tickets and subcategories and drag them to the desired place.

To add a new subcategory, click "add a category" and drag it to its place.

Subcategories only appear to the customers on the event page and not on the tickets.

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