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You can use discount codes to encourage your customers to buy or use them in your campaigns.

Important notes:

  • Discount codes are always event-level, so if you want to use them in more than one event, you will need to add them to each.

  • Discount codes may contain upper case letters and numbers of the English alphabet.

  • Discount codes must be unique within the event.

Generating codes

Go to event > Invite and promote > Discount codes, then click on add new discount code.

Method of adding:

Single: A single code will be added. You can type in that single code.

CSV: You can upload a CSV file with the codes. The file can contain only one column without a header. When uploading a file, all codes within it will be added with the same settings.

Limit: How many tickets can the discount be used for? If you leave the field empty, then it won't be limited. The number of purchases won't be limited, so the code can be used until the number of total purchased tickets with the code reaches the limit.

Rate of discount: You can select if the discount rate is a percentage or a fixed amount. This rate will be applied to all tickets purchased with this code.

Schedule: You can set the time range when the code can be used. Outside this range, the code won't be accepted.

Allowed ticket types: you can limit which ticket types the code can be applied for.

Managing codes

You can freely edit the code settings until the code is not completely used. You can only edit already added codes one by one. If you need to edit a massive number of codes, you can first export codes, delete all unused ones, then upload them again.


Code redemption

If at least one discount code is added to an event, then a "Do you have a discount code?" label will appear on the event page. After clicking on it, the customers can quickly type in their codes, and the discount will be applied immediately.

Event link with prefilled discount code

You can create an event link where the code is already applied when a customer clicks on it.

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