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By creating a brand page, you will get your Cooltix subpage, where your specific events will be displayed. This way, customers can see all your events on one page.

Creating a brand page

You can create and manage your brand pages at Profile / Manage organizations / Brand pages.
To create a brand page, you must choose a title and a link for it and upload a brand logo.
You can have an unlimited number of brand pages for each brand.

Brand page content

You can add extra content to your brand page. If you want to delete one, you can do it with the trash bin icon in the top left corner. You can also freely rearrange the contents with the arrows on the left side of the boxes.


Simple text content, you can also add links to it.


You can add JPEG or PNG images no larger than 10 MB.


Add youtube videos with their links. Videos must be reachable via a link to add them; make sure the video-sharing settings for the video are correctly set.

Selected events

Add any public Cooltix event to your brand page with its link. It can be your own organization's event or can be managed by any other organization. This way, if you sell tickets through several organizations, you can collect all the events together.


By adding events managed outside your organization, you won't get access to the event and won't track the purchases that were started on your brand page. The owner of the events has to grant you these privileges first by adding you to the event as an organizer.

Organization events

All public events of your organization will appear here automatically, so you don't have to add your future events one by one manually.

Custom domain

You can set your subdomain as the link of the brand page, for example,

This setting is not available by default; if you want to use it, you can contact your Cooltix representative.


You can choose if you prefer a dark or light theme; also, you can set your Primary color, which will be adapted to your event page and the complete checkout process. This feature is only available in the intermediate package.

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