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You can select the currency of the event. Ticket and product prices can be set in the selected currency, and customers will pay in that currency. Incomes will be stored in the selected currency and paid out without conversion. Suppose the currency of the provided payout bank account differs from the event currency. In that case, the conversion will be handled by the beneficiary bank, which has to be capable of doing it.

An event can have only one currency, multicurrency events are not allowed, but you can have separate events with different currencies.

The list of supported currencies varies based on the organizer's country, and you can check the supported currencies for each country here.

When creating a new event, the default selected currency will be the domestic currency of the country where the organizer is seated.


If you want to sell tickets for an event in several currencies simultaneously, you can create a copy of the event with separate currency settings.

Changing the event currency

You can select your event's currency at event settings/event currency if:

  • the currency is supported in the country where your organization is seated

  • you have added a Payment Provider that supports that currency

  • previously there were no completed or uncompleted purchases for that event

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