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Accounting when using Cooltix payment service provider
Accounting when using Cooltix payment service provider
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An organizer can use Cooltix’s payment provider to manage and process purchases or set up their own payment service. By default, the Cooltix payment service provider will be set up.

This guide describes the accounting in the case where the organizer chooses to use Cooltix's payment service provider.

Revenue Management

The consideration for the purchases will be credited to Cooltix's technical account after a successful purchase, where they will be held as extraneous revenue until they are transferred to the organizer.

Allocation of revenue

When the incomes are paid out, the total amount of the purchases will be paid out, decreased with the Cooltix fee.

Cooltix fees invoices

We will issue an invoice for our fee, which does not require financial settlement, as this amount has no longer been transferred to the organizer.

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