Accomodation booking

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There are several ways to offer accommodation to participants near your event:

- you can sell accommodation offered directly by you or by your partners

- or even suggest Airbnb and accommodation to your customers


Direct sales of accommodation

To sell accommodation to your participants, you must upload the accommodation as a product, just like you would upload your tickets. You can choose to upload it in the tickets section or even in the accessories section. You can even upload a picture of your accommodation here.


TIP: If you don't want customers to receive a QR code voucher for your booking, you can turn it off in the advanced settings.



Airbnb and accommodation recommendations

You have the option to recommend hotels available at and near the event to your attendees, from and Airbnb. All you need to do is add the "accommodation sales" section to your event page in the event details. After that, a map will appear on your event page and on the successful checkout page, showing hotels near your event, where participants can book them directly.

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