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What is the handling fee?
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What is the handling fee?

The handling fee is the fee for using the Cooltix system. We use this amount to cover operating expenses, development of the site, and other services provided to our users. Cooltix doesn't benefit from the ticket price and is paid in full to the event organizer.

The handling fee is paid by the customer on top of the ticket price, and it is the requirement of using the Cooltix sites.

How much are we talking about?

The handling fee rate depends on two factors: the conditions of our agreement with the organizer and the range of services provided to our customers. We aim to keep the handling fee rate lower than all other ticketing systems, so it usually doesn't exceed 10% of the ticket price. Low-price tickets can have a higher handling fee than the 10%.

There is no handling fee if a ticket is free.

Where can I learn about the exact amount of the handling fee?

We always indicate the exact amount of the commission during the purchasing process right before checkout.

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