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An internet connection is required to use the check-in application! Ensure a Wi-Fi connection for smooth access if your mobile internet coverage isn't adequate at your event.

The check-in process

Step 1

Download the Cooltix Entry application to the phone you used to log in.

Step 2

Log in with your username and password. The owners of the event can always check in the tickets of their events without further settings, but if you don't want to share your credentials with the check-in staff, then you can add additional check-in users to the events.
You can read more about managing check-in users here:
Managing check-in users

Step 3

Hold your phone's camera over the ticket and read the QR code on it

Step 4

If the QR code is unreadable or the scan fails, click the "Enter Code" button and enter the string below the QR code.

Step 5

Check the result

Possible results

The feedback always shows the ticket type and, in the case of a registered ticket, the ticket holder's name.

Successful entry

"Successful entry" message on green background: entry was successful, ticket validated. The ticket will no longer be usable in the case of once-valid tickets. A QR code cannot be re-scanned for 5 seconds after scanning to avoid fast accidental scanning. Another QR code can be scanned immediately during this time.

Check-in failed

"Login failed" message on a red background: login failed.

Error messages

Ticket has already been checked in

A ticket has been previously scanned and previously validated successfully. The message also shows when was the successful validation.

Ticket cannot be found.

There is no such ticket in our system, or the check-in user don't have permission to validate this ticket.

If the ticket seems valid, you can search for the ticket code on the admin site, at event > manage attendees. If there is no result there, then the ticket is fake.

The ticket is not yet/already valid

You are trying to validate a ticket outside the validity period specified in the advanced settings of the ticket type in the event editor. If you think this is a mistake, then change the ticket validity settings on the admin site at event > tickets > select a ticket > advanced settings > validity.

Ticket has been invalidated

The ticket was invalidated because of one of the following reasons:

  • REFUNDED: The ticket is invalid because it has been refunded.

  • RESOLD: The ticket is invalid because it has been resold on Ticketswap.

  • MANUAL: The ticket has been manually invalidated by the organizer.

You don't have permission to validate this ticket

You are trying to enter a ticket for an event to which you do not have access.

Frequently asked questions

I can't log in to the app

You can only log in to the check-in app if your user is added to at least one event as a check-in user. If you think you should be added to at least one, please check if you have not mistyped your email address or password. If it is still not working, contact the event organizer, who can add you to the event with the necessary rights.

I added to the event as an event team member and can see the admin site, but I can't validate tickets.

Event team members can't check in the tickets by default, and you must be added to the event as a check-in user. As an event team member, you may add yourself at admin > event > check-in > check-in users. If not, then contact the event organizer to do so.

The app is not responding.

Check your internet connection. If it's okay, try restarting the app or your phone.

It's too dark at the entrance, so I can't read the codes.

You can turn on the flashlight of your phone with the ⚡️ icon.

My camera can't focus on the QR code, or does it very slowly

Try holding your phone a little further. Usually, around 10-15 cm should do the trick. The phone camera usually has a minimum focus distance; if you hold your phone closer, it won't find the code.

There is no mobile internet coverage at the venue.

In this case, you should set up a wifi hotspot to check the tickets. Please ensure the wifi hotspot is connected to the internet with a cable, not a mobile sim card.

How can I be sure that the result of a check-in is a new result or still the previous one?

After a successful scan, you can't read a new code until the result arrives for that specific scan. This way, you can avoid accidental double scanning and be sure that the result belongs to that specific scanning. For the same reason, you still can't check a new QR for 2 seconds after you see the result.

After 2 seconds, you can check a new code, and if you are not sure that it's a new check or still the previous one, you can always check the voucher code on the result or the progress bar, which shows how much was spent since the check-in.

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